We Guarantee That:


1. Any EAN-13 or UPC-A Barcode Numbers we sell are unique to your product – they have not been used for a retail product before, nor will they be sold to another party at any stage.

2. You will not be charged fees for joining or annual membership fees – All barcodes are sold at a one-off cost.

3. Any barcode numbers purchased from us are legal for use worldwide. Our EAN-13 numbers are suitable for international use and UPC-A numbers are best for use in the United States and Canada.

4. All barcode numbers are checked for illegal use before being sold – At no stage can anyone legally use your barcode on their product.

5. We supply barcode images in high quality (600 dpi) in 4 different graphic formats. The are supplied in the standard size for that barcode unless otherwise specified.

6. Any information given to you by SloveniaBarcodes is true to the extent of our knowledge at the time. We want to help you, and will do our best to do so, however in the event that we can’t help, we will advise you of another company that can.