ISBN Book Barcodes


All books use International Standard Book Numbers (ISBN) and are obtained through a designated organisation in each country. You can purchase barcode images from below if you already have an ISBN Number and only require the barcode images. If you need to purchase an ISBN Number, then you can find the designated organisation for Slovenia here.

ISBN Numbers can be encoded with 5-digit price codes that can encode a price up to the value of ‘99.99’ in GBP, USD or CAD only. These price codes can make it easier for retailers to establish the recommended retail price for books. However, it is not common practice for ISBN numbers to have this price code as most scanners do not read this code. If you wish to have a price code added for your ISBN number, please indicate that you would like this, and what price and currency the price code should represent in the ‘additional information’ section when filling out your information.

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    ISBN Barcode Images

    Here you can purchase ISBN Barcode images (for books). These will be emailed through to your in two different styles and 4 different formats (Bitmap, eps., tiff, Jpeg, PDF).

    When you proceed to the checkout page please enter your 13 digit ISBN Number (with hyphens) in the additional information section.

    Quantity    Price per image
    1 27
    2 23 each
    3 19 each
    4 + 14 each


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    Barcode Registration

    Barcode Registration allows you to register your barcode and product information on the International Barcodes Database. Once we receive an order for this, we will email you with a request for proof of barcode ownership. You will then be given instructions on how to register your barcode.

    Barcode Registration is included for FREE in our barcode packages. It should only be purchased if you have bought barcodes through another company or a barcode outside of a barcode package through us.

    Price per Barcode
    1 + 14 each
    5 + 12 each
    10 + 10 each
    20 + 9 each
    30 + 8 each
    50 + 7 each


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If you have a magazine, you will need to see our ISSN Magazine barcode page.

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